You Had To - The Cosmic Alliance


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About The Band


The Cosmic Alliance are a Los Angeles based, 60's and 70's inspired rock band who are bringing a much desired fresh and grooving sound to the table. The four band members, Jeremy "Space Cowboy" Benson (guitar), Gregory "Bluesman" Balalian (guitar), Paul "Animal" Rosette (drums), and Wynne "Baby" Males (bass), have been close friends since their time in high school, and grew a close bond over their love for the music they had grown up with during their youth. Having formed towards the end of 2018, they have already captured the attention of multiple legendary artists such as Steve Miller, Alan Parsons, and STYX, who they recently opened for at the Pacific Amphitheater in Orange County, and they do not plan on stopping there. These four young artists are committed to making the music they love, and are devoted to spreading peace and love through that music to all beings in the universe (especially the cosmic ones).